Florence St George’s love of ceramics started whilst studying for her BA in Art History at Bristol.  But it wasn’t until she experienced post-natal depression in 2013 that she transitioned from theory to practice and began working with ceramics.


She found the process of throwing and sculpting clay both therapeutic and an effective way of channeling her creative urges. The resulting work shows her technical talent, and her ability to harness raw emotion into beautiful, sculptural ceramics.


Florence lives in the Bahamas where she leads a group of special needs children who use sculpture as a means of expressing themselves. There, they collect and create clay from the natural environment, using the soil to produce functional terracotta works that provide a unique outlet for expression for the children.

She continues to learn new techniques working with Chris Bramble at his Kilburn studios in London.

Seven years ago, my pottery journey began, initially to try and help overcome post-natal depression. Soon the clay took hold in a way I’d never imagined possible - the healing, the flow, the energy it gave me was so unexpected. Making ceramics became a passion and a new calling.


Florence and her family live for half the year on Grand Bahama in the Bahamas. She spends her days teaching at the Beacon School for Children with special needs, where she is the patron of the Sheltered Workshop. She teaches painting and pottery wheel skills; the clay work process starts with the children sourcing clay in the local forests.