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Florence St. George is a ceramic artist who creates bespoke pottery from her studio in  Oxfordshire.




Florence St. George, also known as Flea, is a British ceramicist who discovered her love of clay after suffering from post natal depression. Flea became a contestant on The Great Pottery Throwdown in 2020. On the show she revealed her unique style, and achieved the ultimate Throwdown compliment when she brought a tear to the eye of judge Keith Brymer-Jones.


She has recently collaborated with the jeweller Monica Vinader and is currently working on a collection for the Birley Bakery in Chelsea.


In 2023 Florence released her first book ’The Potter’s Way’, in it Florence shares some important lessons that she’s learnt along the way: that pottery is the perfect antidote to internet overload (phones and clay don’t mix), that creativity doesn’t have to be expensive, and that the hands-on process of working with clay can ground you like nothing else. It forces you to be in the moment, it teaches you resilience - pots are endlessly breaking - and fully engages your mind, body and soul.

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Inspired by the power of pottery and its healing, meditative abilities, Florence feels happiest in her studio.



Florence has worked on a series of projects worldwide. Whether it is working collaboratively with Jewellery Designer Monica Vinader, the Birley Bakery and Birley Clubs or unique sculptural designs for private clients, each project is considered with careful thought and love. Florence thrives on  bringing each creative vision to life.

For private projects Florence can work with you to create a unique bespoke collection of plates, bowls, sculpture or small dinner service. Each piece is handmade and no two pieces will ever be identical


Please get in contact for any bespoke commissions.


*If you are interested in a Pottery taster session, please email us directly at to discuss creating a tailor made session for you or your loved ones. (Teenagers and above!)

Florence and I bonded over our shared experience of creating things. It's de-stressing to make things by hand and to be connected with the materials you create with.

Monica Vinader 
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